The price of QD-OLED TVs could drop closer to regular OLED faster than expected

If you expect to see big drops in prices for OLED TVs over the next couple of years, it looks like you’ll be disappointed. According to a report by Display Supply Chain Consultants (via the electronics (opens in new tab) and OLED information (opens in new tab)), the two big makers of TV-sized OLED panels – LG Display and Samsung Display – will stop spending on new equipment to build these displays in 2023.

That price of the best OLED TVs has dropped a lot in recent years, largely due to major expansions in their creation – they’ve become more efficient and easier to mass-produce, and as a result, have become more popular. But, according to the DSCC report, this expansion won’t just slow down next year — it will stop entirely, spending nothing on increasing production.

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