Onyx Boox Tab Ultra Brings iPad Features to E Ink

We’ve been fans of Onyx’s Boox ereader and tablets for some time, especially the Boox Nova Air C, one of our picks for the best ereader. The Air C has a color LCD layer on top of the black and white E Ink, but now, the company is taking its E Ink even closer to full-featured tablet territory, adding features we normally expect in a tablet like the iPad. 10.9.

The Onyx Boox Tab Ultra is a 10.3-inch E Ink tablet with a 16MP camera on the back, a feature we would never expect paired with an E Ink display. OE Ink is very slow to update, but Onyx did a tremendous job getting the Boox Tab Ultra moving as fast as possible. The tablet has an 8-core Qualcomm processor and a GPU that Onyx says is tailor-made for faster refresh rates on its display.

The 16MP camera on the Boox Tab Ultra (Image credit: Onix)

The camera will not be used for normal photography, we suspect. Instead, the Onyx praises the sensor’s ability to photograph and scan documents, which is more in line with the technology. We’re curious to see how the E Ink handles viewfinder tasks with the camera.

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