India’s brand value increased by 19% – But what is the value of this brand?

India’s brand value has increased by 19%, or more than $400 billion this year, to $2.6 trillion. The large increase in India’s brand equity is related to the country being increasingly seen as a safe and stable place to invest, as evidenced by significant developments in new technologies such as electric vehicle production and mobile phone manufacturing, according to brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance.

Elsewhere, Russia’s brand value has dropped by nearly $150 billion year-over-year — the biggest drop in brand value among any national brands in the world this year. Ukraine has dropped $22 billion due to the Russian invasion, but global perceptions of Ukraine have increased significantly.

Why is India’s value rising?

(Image credit: Brand Finance)

The assessment is not an aggregation of Indian trademarks, but rather a brand assessment of the Indian nation itself. “As such, the increased worldwide distribution of Indian cultural products is a key factor in improving international familiarity with India and an important driver of increased appreciation,” said Brand Finance.

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