Amazon’s New Cheap 4K QLED TVs Offer Ridiculous Specs for the Price

Amazon considerably upped its Fire TV game with today’s announcement of the Omni QLED series 4K TVs. The new sets, which will only be available in 65-inch and 75-inch screen sizes, bring features typically found on higher-priced TVs, such as Quantum Dot color and full-array local dimming, and also come with a new Fire TV ambient experience. which allows artwork and photos to be displayed when the set is not in use.

The quantum dots in the Omni QLED arrays will allow an enhanced range of colors to be displayed with high dynamic range (HDR) sources, while the full-array local dimming backlight (up to 96 zones on the 75-inch model) should result in , more detailed and more uniform blacks – a shortcoming of the company previous series Fire TV Omni sets.

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