Vector Graphics Explained: How to Create Logos, Ads, and User Interfaces That Absolutely Stand Out

Vector graphics are all around us and provide an important way to visually communicate information, whether it’s corporate branding, street signage, or a flyer in a coffee shop window. But vector graphics themselves are even more fascinating when you look behind the shapes and fonts that combine to communicate a message quickly and recognize them for what they really are and why they are such a powerful tool in any designer’s toolbox.

Before we delve into what vector graphics are, let’s clarify the two main types of computer graphics: vectors and rasters. You’re probably already familiar with the latter, thanks to many of the more common file formats – JPEGs and PNGs – that fall into this category. The former is less popular, but essential for digital design, with the most common file formats being EPS, AI, or SVG, among a few other lesser-used types.

Android Hidden Code Suggests Another Google Pixel 7 Update

The Google Pixel 7 had its initial presentation at Google IO back in May, but we still don’t know everything about this upcoming flagship phone. Now, the newly discovered references in the Android debug documentation give us another hint at what’s on the way.

As reported by Android Police (opens in new tab)the documentation includes a mention of a Hall Effect sensor: it’s a sensor that can detect the presence of a magnet, most often deployed to inform a phone when a case is closed over it.

Best true wireless earbuds (TWS) in India for 2022

True Wireless Earbuds or TWS are among the most sought-after accessories for smartphones. And these are among the most advanced gadgets you’d carry with you throughout the day.

The best true wireless earbuds are the ones that offer the most advanced audio tech available in the market. The fact that most wireless earpieces can almost match the audio quality provided by wired earbuds is a commendable feat.

Best TWS in India

1. Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbuds

2. Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Earbuds

3. Sennheiser CX True Wireless

4. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

5. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

6. Lypertek Pureplay Z3

7. Sony WF-C500 true wireless earbuds

8. Apple AirPods Pro

9. Oppo Enco X2

10. Apple AirPods (3rd generation)

11. OnePlus Buds Pro

12. Jabra Elite 85t

13. Beats PowerBeats Pro

14. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The best gaming PCs are cheaper than you think

If you’re into PC gaming, you’re going to want a good gaming PC, but there are a lot of things to consider before buying one, the biggest being budget.

Trying to build the best gaming PC imaginable can be obscenely expensive and buying a pre-built isn’t much better, but there are ways to get cheaper ones; especially when you build your own, but even if you get them pre-built.

Rollerdrome is Doom Eternal on roller skates – and it’s as good as it looks

I’m skating at full speed and yet a sniper’s laser sight is attached to my torso. I wait for the final moment, just as they’re about to pull the trigger, to dodge the bullet and fire my shotgun – right at the brute swinging a club stuck in my forehead. After heading straight for the nearest half-pipe, I spin a nose grip in the air to refill my pistol ammo and land on a grinding rail – heading straight for the snipers.

Now it’s just a case of firing a few homing rockets into the air, engaging in slow motion and unloading my dual pistols – all before sharpening the wall to safety. I feel like a martial artist armed on wheels. I look like a speeding death suit. And I’m having an incredible amount of fun.

This is Rollerdrome, an upcoming single-player arena shooter by Roll7 that enlists you in the titular fictional blood sport. Comprised of a series of deathmatches that come together in a full narrative single-player campaign, Rollerdrome challenges you to battle waves of enemies in combat arenas filled with skatepark paraphernalia. With nothing but a small arsenal of weapons in hand and a pair of skates on your feet, you’ll be pumping out combos, taking on challenges and pulling off a bunch of sick tricks worthy of the most extreme sports games.

(Image credit: Roll7)

While head producer Drew Jones describes the Rollerdrome as “a roller-skate shooter”, studio fans may recognize it more as a mash-up of two of Roll7’s previous releases. Combining the fluidity of Olli Olli’s cell-shadowed skating with the frenetic arena survival of Laser League, the game took on a surprisingly strange premise for what could be its heyday.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases appear in new leak

August 10th will be a big day for Samsung fans as we see the formal launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 (and more). Ahead of the event, a new leak has revealed some of the official cases we can expect to see released alongside foldable phones.

as seen by SamMobile (opens in new tab)a retailer in Germany has already started listing some accessories for the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, showing different design elements of both smartphones at the same time.

Intel Arc graphics cards could be in serious trouble – will Team Blue throw in the towel?

Finally, there’s some news about the Intel Arc Alchemist release date, but not the kind anyone outside of Nvidia and AMD really wanted to hear: Arc Alchemist and Battlemage could end up with the incorrigible hardware glitches that are hurting your performance, and is threatening to scrap Intel’s entire Arc discrete graphics lineup.

This report comes from YouTuber Moore’s law is dead (opens in new tab)and it’s a doozy, full of internal politics, bitterness and recriminations at Intel over the company’s graphics unit being unable to deliver the discrete graphics cards that have been hyped for over a year.

Bought this crappy laptop for college and it was the best decision I ever made

Picture this: It’s 2008 and I’m in my freshman year of college, badly in need of my own laptop, but not having a ton of extra income (read: next to none). By this time, Dell, which had firmly established itself as a brand thanks to the desktops it provided for me and other high schools, it was my number one choice as a solid manufacturer of affordable mid-range laptops.

After careful savings, I opted for a Dell Inspiron 1525, which was their mid-range option. Of course, back then none of that mattered to me. I just needed something that would allow me to take notes, watch movies, play games and also customize it with a yellow backplate, I didn’t need to have the best gaming laptop or a MacBook or anything like that, just something that worked.

Sony aims to increase PS5 supplies for the holiday season

Sony said it intends to ramp up production of PS5 consoles to increase supply before the end of 2022 and the holiday season.

Sony made the announcement in its latest earnings results (opens in new tab)in which he also explains that both software sales and gameplay engagement have dropped year over year, stating that engagement in particular is “a much lower level of engagement than we anticipated in our previous forecast”.

14 new movies and shows to stream on Netflix, Disney Plus, and more in August 2022

We’re nearly two thirds of the way through 2022. And, even though we’re in the middle of summer (sorry, southern hemisphere dwellers), the world’s biggest streamers have plenty of new movies and TV shows for us to watch over the next four weeks.

Below, we’ll run you through 14 of the most anticipated films and TV series set to land on Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and more. That trio leads the way in the most notable streaming offerings in August, but you shouldn’t discount productions available on other platforms.